7 Reasons Why Missing Class Is Okay

We’ve all had it happen to us in our college careers. You really want to go to that career fair on campus, attend a professional development conference, interview with a company for an internship, or participate in an extracurricular event, but you can’t; because you have to go to class. Well, I am here to tell you it is okay to skip class on occasion, however, you have to know how to balance your academic and extracurricular experiences. Let’s set one thing straight, I am NOT telling you that it is okay to miss class because of general laziness such as oversleeping or hanging out with your friends. I am telling you that it is okay to miss class because you are trying to better yourself personally or professionally. There is a way to balance out your priorities as a student for both in and out of class experiences. So in case you are worried that skipping a class will ruin your grades or cause you to fail out of college, here are seven reasons why missing class is okay:

  1. Missing Class Doesn’t Mean Your GPA Will Be Ruined

Missing one day does not mean that you will fail out of college. Most professors post the notes online for lectures, so you can reference them to get the information you missed in class. If they don’t post the lecture notes, talk to a person in the class and get the notes from them – most students will share their notes if you ask politely.

  1. Professors Understand When You Miss Class

Talking to your professors before you miss class is key to balancing missing class and still getting the information needed to understand the concepts taught by the class. Most professors understand when you miss class when you take an opportunity to better yourself personally and professionally. Some professors will even work with you if you have a test or presentation scheduled the day you plan to miss. Having a letter of excuse from a faculty member is also a great idea to help persuade professors that may be a little less lenient about you missing class.

  1. You Can Learn More Outside of the Classroom than Within

There is only so many things you can learn in a classroom, however, outside of the classroom there is a lot to discover as well. Taking risks and learning something new by stepping outside of a classroom really challenges you to grow as a person. You will not necessarily be working in a classroom in the real world, so go out and learn what you want to do outside of those classroom walls.

  1. Class Is Only Part Of The College Experience

In college, there are many unique experiences you can have, and class is only one of those. Being able to study abroad, go to conferences, meet with industry representatives and many other things really complete the college experience and balance out a well-rounded student.

  1. There’s Enough Time in The Day To Catch Up on Class Work

To most busy college students’ disbelief, there is enough time to catch on class work from being gone from class. You may have to sacrifice some beauty sleep to make up those homework assignments, but the opportunity you experience is worth those hours of sleep missed. You can catch up on homework, but you can’t catch up on the opportunity if you did not take the opportunity to begin with.

  1. More Memories Can Be Made Outside of the Class

You’re not going to remember what happened in your 10 AM Biology class 30 years from now, however, you will remember that time you got out of class to go with all your friends on an industry tour. The memories made outside of class can last a lifetime, while the memories within only last until test day for most students.

  1. You Only Do College Once

College is supposed to be some of the greatest years of our lives, so make the most of them! These experiences you take outside of the classroom can really turn these opportunities you take, into real world success. You have one shot at college, so go out and miss a class to make a memory.

Next time you are concerned with missing class to take an opportunity to better yourself, think about these reasons. Although a classroom can provide the basic mechanisms for success attending a conference, event, job interview, or career can strengthen your network, communication skills, and leadership skills can also be extremely beneficial. Consider how the experience will impact you in the long run, before you make a decision to attend that class.