First time at Ag Media Summit? No sweat!

by Kelsey Litchfield, National ACT Member Relations Coordinator I remember it like it was yesterday. Driving into downtown Indianapolis with my fellow University of Illinois ACT members all excited and nervous for the days ahead. Looking back at my first Ag Media Summit I wish I wouldn’t have been so intimidated! But hey, I was Read more about First time at Ag Media Summit? No sweat![…]

Common Sense Tips for Submitting Your Critique and Contest Entry

by Allison Fortner, NACT Vice-President As the spring semester comes to a close, you may begin to reflect on the pieces of work you spent hours perfecting throughout the course of the year. Maybe you got a grade or published the piece and moved on to the next item in your portfolio. But there is Read more about Common Sense Tips for Submitting Your Critique and Contest Entry[…]

Reflecting on #reddirtcomm

By: Casey Chastain, University of Georgia Now that I am back in Georgia where the weather is warmer, I’ve taken time to reflect on my experiences from the National ACT’s Professional Development Conference. Traveling to Oklahoma was a new adventure for me. I fell in love with the Oklahoma State University campus, but not the Read more about Reflecting on #reddirtcomm[…]

AAEA Summer Intern

by Josh Booth, Senior in Science and Agricultural Journalism at the University of Missouri I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer than writing, posting and reporting on pigs. Last summer I had the opportunity to work for the PORK Network as the AAEA editorial intern in Lenexa, Kansas. The PORK Network is a Read more about AAEA Summer Intern[…]