November 16, 2016

Meeting Ideas

Needing a fun way to spice meetings up a bit? Here is where you can find some fresh ideas from different chapters!

If your chapter does anything fun that you wish to share with others please let us know so we can spread the word!


  • Have a student panel of past ACT students come and talk about what they are doing now and how they got there. This is great for all ages to hear advice and words of wisdom as they enter the working world!
  • Professional panels are also great to have older members in the industry discussing the same thing but from a different perspective.
  • Mashed Potato Bar: Invite members of your college who are not in ACT to come enjoy a mashed potato bar with all the toppings they could desire. This is a great way to engage other people and maybe spark an interest about communications.
  • Crisis Communication: Being the hot topic that it is, maybe having someone who works within the communications department for a company come in and talk about how they react when a crisis happens would be beneficial because that is real – life scenarios that communicators will have to deal with.
  • Google fun ice breakers to do with your group to get them mingling and out of their comfort zone, especially if it is the beginning of the semester and you have a lot of new members coming in.